Silvergate Media partners with Social Native and Power Moms Media for Octonauts Above and Beyond influencer campaign

Oct 14, 2021

LONDON, UK – October 7th, 2021 – Silvergate Media (Silvergate) has announced that it hired two social media influencer agencies to support the Netflix release of Octonauts Above and Beyond in the US. This forms a key part of the biggest launch campaign Silvergate has ever undertaken to support the rollout of their content in the US market.

The agencies – Social Native and Power Moms Media – which both specialise in connecting brands with content creators, have been working hard to promote Octonauts Above and Beyond and support the new series’ September release. They have generated over 100 pieces of content from infeed, to Instagram stories, blog posts and more since the show first aired in September, generating millions of views and engagements.

The influencer strategy forms only one element in a comprehensive US marketing campaign for the series, which also includes digital marketing, AVOD content and direct consumer outreach.

Octonauts Above and Beyond – enlarges the reach of the Octonauts brand as the characters officially take their mission onto land for the first time. There are six seasons in production across 78 unique 22-minute episodes.

The launch of new content will kickstart a global brand strategy to reinvigorate the consumer products programme, spearheaded by new global master toy partner, Moose Toys, who will launch an extensive range of Octonauts toys from Summer 2022.

Social Native

Power Moms Media