WELCOME TO CLADE (Covert League of Animal Detective Experts), the world’s foremost detective agency specializing in animal mysteries, or CREATURE CASES! Current Creature Cases include:

  • #425: Mongoose passenger POISONED on jungle train – snake suspects fanged and dangerous!
  • #037: Bird neighborhood rattled by NEST INVADERS – no eggs are safe!
  • #163: Outbreak of RHINO RAGE at savannah Watering Hole – uninvited guest to blame?
  • #284: Naked Mole Rat Princess KIDNAPPED from underground palace – or was she?!

What do all these Creature Cases have in common? In roughly the time it’s taken you to read this, they’ve ALL BEEN SOLVED by our top two agents: logical, fastidious snow leopard super-sleuth SAM SNOW, and his intuitive, unconventional kit fox zoologist partner KIT CASEY!

Armed with top-secret intel from their contacts on the MICE SQUAD, this unlikely but highly effective duo travels a world populated exclusively by animals, solving mind-boggling mysteries at a rate unheard of in C.L.A.D.E.’s long history. Mixing scientific facts with hilarious detective action, their adventures have been described by analysts as “a spoofy mashup of CSI: Animal Kingdom and The X-Files (only with real animals instead of aliens!).”